Zambrone is located on a plateau at an altitude of 222 m from the sea which is about 2 km, the town with its hamlets of San Giovanni, Daffinà Daffinacello and covers an area of 14.36 km². The territory ordered terraces shows valleys and deep river incisions. From the point of view of Zambrone landscape it is characterized by the variety of marine environments and the coast passing abruptly from the beaches to the long, low granite cliffs as the tip Cape Cozzo. It is part of the coast of the Gods, a stretch of coastline falling in the Vibo Valentia province.

In the village center there is an amphitheater where performances take place with Calabrian actors, folk performances offered by international groups and Calabria, pop concerts, classical and symphonic. There is also a social services center room with about 200 seats.

Destinations Private Shared
Briatico €80
Capo Vaticano (Ricadi) €80
Lamezia Terme (SUF) airport €65
Parghelia €80
Pizzo Calabro €80
S. Domenica di Ricadi €80
Tropea €80
Vibo Marina Porto €80
Vibo Valentia Pizzo (railway station) €30