The popular seaside resort, is situated on a high tuff promontory overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the western coast of Calabria in the province of Vibo Valentia. Of particular interest is the historic center of the city, with many palaces of the eighteenth and photographers of the century, perched on a cliff overlooking the beach sottostante.Interessanti are the “portals” of the buildings that were the noble families; some are equipped with large tanks dug into the rock, which were used to collect the grain from the Monte Poro, which then was loaded with clay carried in ships moored in the cliff of Tropea. Its hallmark is the shrine of Santa Maria Island, which stands on a promontory facing the town.

Of particular interest is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Romania, building of 1100, in Romanesque style, containing the sacred effigy of Our Lady of Romania, the city’s patron. The city also houses the diocesan museum containing the cathedral and several gold and silver artifacts from various eras.

There is a private museum of ancient crafts of Calabria and a permanent model railway exhibition, opened in January 2012 at the public library “Albino Lorenzo [6].

The tropeano territory is small extent, in fact, with 3.59 km² is located at 7805º in Italy for the surface (while at 195º for population density). Its morphology is particular, is in fact divided into two parts: the upper part, where the majority of the population, and is where the daily life of the country, and a lower part (called “Marina”), which is located in near the sea and the port of Tropea. The city, at the top, is built on a rock overlooking the sea at a height above sea level ranging from about 50 meters at the lowest point and 61 meters at its highest point.

Tropea has recently built a tourist port, from where you can reach the nearby Aeolian Islands (in particular the Stromboli volcano, almost always visible from the southern Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria) and the neighboring coasts consist of sandstone cliffs, coves, almost pristine reefs and beaches.

Destinations Private Shared
Briatico €80
Capo Vaticano (Ricadi) €80
Lamezia Terme (SUF) airport €70
Parghelia €80
Pizzo Calabro €80
S. Domenica di Ricadi €80
Vibo Marina Porto €80
Vibo Valentia Pizzo (railway station) €50
Zambrone €80