Briatico lies on the coastal cliffs of the Gods and overlooks the Gulf of St. Euphemia.

The briaticese economy can be said to be driven by tourism, given the facilities (hotels, villages, camping, etc.) That in the summer are filled and they offer many services. All this without forgetting that Briatico overlooks a beautiful seascape that mixes cliffs and wonderful beaches.

Agriculture is linked to local products such as red onion (which is, however, collected and cultivated the surrounding land and not in Tropea, as is mistakenly believe the name). Fishing is very active in briaticese territory which can boast 3 km of coastline.

Destinations Private Shared
Capo Vaticano (Ricadi) €80
Lamezia Terme (SUF) airport €60
Parghelia €80
Pizzo Calabro €80
S. Domenica di Ricadi €80
Tropea €80
Vibo Marina Porto €80
Vibo Valentia Pizzo (railway station) €25
Zambrone €80